guard against bigggg guys ?

ok yaal this is Daren with a new screen name.Im like 5'6 160 pounds .Im a bluebelt and exxx wrestler.I usually prefer the top and can get top on most people even big guys But a lot of the time we start from guard and sometimes Im put there.Im talking grappling w guys over 200 .I have trouble with the full guard and often switch right into half guard.I cant seem to do anything with big strong guys ( Honestly I much prefer going with guys close to my size ) What strategies yaal have against big guys from guard or in general ??thanks

You want to use positions where you can keep his weight off you. Closed guard is bad for this, because in closed guard you want him to be low with his weight on you. When he sits up in posture with his weight off you, that's bad for you.Good positions are butterfly guard and half guard with the underhook. In these positions it's easier to keep his weight off you, so his size doesn't matter as much.Here's a very simple attack from butterfly guard. Get head position and at least one underhook. If he drives into you, elevator sweep him. If he keeps his weight back, get up and take him down. Alternate between the two. His defense to one makes him vulnerable to the other.More here: butterfly guard threads here:

thanks good advice as always Andrew and thanks Machine.I prefer half against a big guy cause my legs are short and move better from half Actually I think my half guard is better than my full guard

forget that half guard crap if you can't do full guard

The first real "game" I developed was a 1/2 guard game. I did it because I'm about 165 lbs and it was hard keeping the big guys weight off me. This was about 3 1/2 years ago when i was a pretty new blue belt. I also developed an ok butterfly guard but now I am moving away from that game. I now prefer a foot on the hip open guard game as the butterfly allows a lot of openings for a good guard passer. My favorite thing is to sit up and attack the arm drag. From here you can work multiple sweeps or attach the back.

Closed guard is not all that terrible against heavier opponents if you know a few things that will help you against these types of guys. Granted, there are other positions that are perhaps more optimal against big guys, but the other day I had my BJJ students do a drill from the closed guard that really helped our closed guard game as far as being able to deal with a lot of pressure from the top guy. For what it's worth, here is the drill:

The top guy makes a lot of downwards and forwards pressure onto the bottom guy and either tries to simply forearm the bottom guy's throat, or choke him by putting one forearm across the throat and the other one behind the neck (like an ezikiel choke). Sooooo many beginners do this that it's just not funny. The bottom guy does several things to counter this:

1. He pushes the top guy away with his legs (with the closed guard). It's important not to push too hard so you don't tire your legs. Just push a bit to take away some of the pressure and make things liveable.

2. He puts one or both forearms under the top guy's throat and pushes. This makes it really hard for the top guy to pressure downwards.

3. He also tries to always keep one of his arms in an "inside tie-up" and by that I mean that he will put his, say right hand or forearm on his opponent's left bicep. That way the top guy cannot finalize his chokes.

4. Last but absolutely, certainly and most definitely not least - the bottom guy must RELAX and BREATHE in a calm manner. The top guy will gradually increase the pressure and try harder and harder to choke the bottom guy, but the bottom guy remains calm as he/she can.

This drill REALLY helps you learn to relax against perhaps one of the most common forms of pressure BJJ-ers have to deal, mostly against beginners (as good BJJ-ers won't try silly things as choking from inside the guard for long.)


Margarida's game is great for dealing with big men, put one fot on the hip. This keep the weight off you and gives space to use your quickness. I am 250 pound Blue Belt and was recently smoked by a 160 pound guy patterned his guard after Margarida.

Why prefer one foot on hip to two?

Im a new bluebelt .For some reason I like half guard especially against bigger guys.

Ill try the foot in the hip thing and move a lot and see what happens

Jon's post is good. I think the beginners who choke from guard are good for only one thing, making you work your armbars. I've noticed my hip movement is getting much better because people always try to choke me from my guard.

Sorry guys, but i would be the big guy in this situation. and i prefer to be in someones half guard then in there closed guard, i guess its just depends on the person. But somethings people do to keep there wait of me is MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! Because im bigger im naturally slower. And you wont be able to tire all bigs guys out, ive seen big guys go for hours. but more often then not you will be faster then them. A good big guy wont just sit in your guard, he will try to pass, and when he goes for pass is when you make your move and try to get out.

I would just like to comment on Rodney's response. I am 6'1" and weigh 215, blue belt, and what Rodney is describing is right on the money! Every time we roll he sweeps me to death! LOL Using exactly what he is talking about. It is very very frustrating too. I think what helps it work for him against me (besides the fact that I suck) is that he keeps me on the defese. Sean said something esle that made sense too. Keep moving. Whenever I am in someone's guard and they keep me defending attacks, I have to keep re-adjusting to keep from being tapped in the guard...naturally making it easier to set up something else.



dogface - which tape?

i agree against big guys i dont even try the closed guard

Stop giving these little guys help. Damnit!