Guard pass - Chris Brennan Tapes

Hey, i found this on youtube. It looks like an interesting variation on a standard guard pass but I was wondering how you would avoid the triangle. it looks like he postures up hard before drop his weight back but I was wondering if anyone actually uses this and what do they think.

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thanks invisi

 I am not brave enough to try that one.

But even if we ignore discussing the triangle, how exactly did he get the guy to open his guard in the first place?


I co-sign Frankls post.

The Sao Paulo pass is better when it comes to unorthodox passes methods

nice pass

The hips sprawling to the side breaks the guard.

 All good.

I guess it just depends who your partners long their legs are and how aggressive they are.

I have some guys I would not try that on.

Again, putting the triangle aside, I am still not convinced about the ability to open the guard in the first place, and I think he is begging for an omo plata on his left arm.

But that's just me,


^^ I agree. I think this would only work on someone that's very inactive in guard and would just lay on their back.

If someone did happen to break my guard and do that it would just end up with playing inverted guard after stepping over their head.

When you trap your arm in between your opponents legs like that, you are open to a triangle, an oma plata, and a 10 finger guillotine...

Maybe if you hit that move super fast, but I would be hesitant on using that on high level comp.

why not try it on those guys with long and strong legs and aggressive triangle games to really see its limitations?

I find this move works good incorporation with standing in the guard and "Ground and pound". He's too occupied by the fist in the face to capture a submission. But it has to be explosive.

I wouldn't try it with a long lanky "good" guard player.

I think you pick and choose. You don't throw it away because it doesn't work against a certain population of fighters.

nowaydo -

I think you pick and choose. You don't throw it away because it doesn't work against a certain population of fighters.

Ya thats a good comment.

I fear that pass.

Probably not the safest option for MMA, since the guy can grab the arm between his legs and elbow / punch all day with no real blocking option for the other guy.

When he commits to the pass, after getting bashed the guard player can flow straight to inverted guard, with means lots of fast omoplata, triangle options.

Maybe the traditional Joe Moreira Smashey Pass works better if you want to bait the triangle.

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