Guard Passing from Combat Base Instructionals?

Are there any guard passing instructionals that go into detail about passing from the combat base?  Thanks in advance.

ummmmmm SBGi's FJKD2 guard disc, IIRC.

Thanks for the reply.  Matt introduces the combat base but doesn't go into much detail in the FJKD2 series.  I'm looking for a mostly gi based instructional dealing with this position....if one even exists.

Saulos Jiu Jitsu Revolution One


I took a quick look the places that I usually look for techniques, but couldn't find any ...

However I'll try to make a short "walk through" of the way a pass from combat base.

1. Starting in combatbase (one knee in the mat and one foot in the mat)

2. To the side where I have the knee in the mat I'll underhook my oponents leg. It is really important to get your shoulder all the way into the back of the knee joint and not just on the calf.

3. In the same motion I'll post on my opponents other knee with my othe hand and slide my knee (the on off the mat) over his thigh.

From this position I should be controlling my opponent pretty good, locking his hip.

The way I usually pass from this position is "walking" around/outside the leg that I have underhooked. Its pretty simple so just leen into your opponents leg that is under hooked and roll your head to clear the leg.

You can all so pass through your opponents legs from the position. Put ALL your weight in "splitting" your opponents legs - if he's not that flexible, this can be quite painful ;-) When there's enough room just slide your trail leg (the one with the knee on the mat) through his legs.

Hope it makes sense