guerrero is the world champion!


in ecw

I say.........hell yeah....

Although I love Punk, its good to see Chavo get a push like that. He's been a great worker for years and this gold should give him more credibility to the average fan.

He won??! I turned it off last night thinking Edge was just going to interfere and it would end in a stupid cliffhanger. Was it a clean finish?

Nope, Edge interfered and cost Punk the belt

A clean win would have been better for the Punk/Chavo feud.....but I'm happy regardless...

I guess CM Punk will start feuding with Edge?????????

I would love to see a Punk v Edge ladder match.

Good for Chavo. he's busted his ass in the business for too long

Does this mean Punk is getting out of ECW? Oooh at the match possiblities with Edge but I want to see Punk heel it up.

I like that push. Good for the sport. Edge not so much

I like that push. Good for the sport. Edge not so much

Ooooo Chabo!


kane beat him in 9 secs at mania

That's fucked up. World Champions don't lose in 9 seconds

Yeah, that was a BS squash.

Who'd he piss off?

There is some missing info here. That had to be a punishment of sorts. The only other possibility is a severe injury,something even a novocain shot wouldn't cover. Wrestlemania is not for squashes of established stars unless you are building a new monster heel. Strange booking.

Chavo Guerrero is garbage. Honestly, WWE has just destroyed this whole "ECW" idea they had -- not that it was ever a good idea.