Guess what race this person is

Probably?? Every single office I’ve ever stomped through, they called me Altaveeya lol.

Back in Texas, I had upper management start speaking to me in Spanish.

Apparently there’s a city in Mexico with my name.

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Human race bro lol.

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I’m no longer a contractor. I’m now a consultant , contracted out by the consulting firm who hired me…who apparently is minority/or woman owned.

But nice try.

Too much math for me to understand.

No offense, but you’re a sad excuse for a white man.

You are a sad excuse for an OGer.

Kinda makes me want to start putting down “black” as my race just to throw a wrench into the whole operation.

Yeah I’m going to do the same.

what if you lie?

if your name giusseppe italiano and mark asian will they take it or assume you are lying and change it for you ?

I do it all the time for non work purposes, just pulling down pants and flipping upskirts just to see if penis.

I heard the Army tried scrubbing names, race info and pics from award and promotion packages, but then the minority award and promotion rates actually went down, so they naturally canceled the plan.

Sounds like that white privelege we’ve been hearing about

You heard wrong.

It was just pics. The minority part going down is ullshit as well. The truth always gets lost when civilians start trying to discuss military issues as some kind of politcal talking point.

scared, probably not. knowing full well they wont be looked at for the job after they are identified as white? absolutely.

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