Guess what the statute of limitations are for defamation in the United States... here is a list

For what it’s worth…

|Alabama|2 Years|Code of Alabama. Title 6. Section 38(k)|
|Alaska|2 Years|Alaska Statutes. Title 9. Section 70(a)|
|Arizona|1 Year|Arizona Revised Statutes. Title 12. Section 541|
|Arkansas|3 Years|Arkansas Code. Title 16. Subtitle 5. Section 105(5)|
|California|1 Year|California Code of Civil Procedure. Part 2. Title 2. Section 340(c)|
|Colorado|1 Year|Colorado Revised Statutes. Title 13. Section 103(a)|
|Connecticut|2 Years|General Statutes of Connecticut. Title 52. Section 597|
|Delaware|2 Years|Delaware Code. Title 10. Section 8119|
|District of Columbia|1 Year|District of Columbia Official Code. Title 12. Section 301(4)|
|Florida|2 Years|Florida Statutes. Title 8. Section 95.11(4)(g)|
|Georgia|1 Year|Official Code of Georgia Annotated. Title 9. Section 33|
|Hawaii|Two Years|Hawaii Revised Statutes. Title 36. Section 657-4|
|Idaho|Two Years|Idaho Statutes. Title 5. Section 219(5)|
|Illinois|1 Year|Illinois Compiled Statutes. Chapter 735. Article 13. Section 201|
|Indiana|Two Years|Indiana Code. Title 34. Article 11. Chapter 2. Section 4(1)|
|Iowa|Two Years|Iowa Code. Title 15. Chapter 614. Section 614.2|
|Kansas|1 Year|Kansas Statutes Annotated. Chapter 60. Article 5. Section 60-513|
|Kentucky|1 Year|Kentucky Revised Statutes. Title 36. Section 413.140(1)(d)|
|Louisiana|1 Year|Louisiana Civil Code. Article 3492|
|Maine|Two Years|Maine Revised Statutes. Title 14. Section 753|
|Maryland|1 Year|Maryland Code. Courts and Judicial Proceedings. Title 5. Section 105|
|Massachusetts|Three Years|Massachusetts General Laws. Part 3. Title V. Chapter 260. Section 2A|
|Michigan|1 Year|Michigan Compiled Laws. Chapter 600. Section 5805(9)|
|Minnesota|Two Years|Minnesota Statutes. Chapter 541. Section 541.07(1)|
|Mississippi|1 Year|Mississippi Code. Title 15. Chapter 1. Section 35|
|Missouri|Two Years|Missouri Revised Statutes. Title 35. Chapter 516. Section 140|
|Montana|Two Years|Montana Code Annotated. Title 27. Chapter 2. Section 204(3)|
|Nebraska|1 Year|Nebraska Revised Statutes. Chapter 25. Section 208|
|Nevada|Two Years|Nevada Revised Statutes. Title 2. Chapter 11. Section 190(4)(c)|
|New Hampshire|Three Years|New Hampshire Statutes. Title 52. Chapter 508. Section 508.4(2)|
|New Jersey|1 Year|New Jersey Statutes Annotated. Title 2A. Chapter 14. Section 14-3|
|New Mexico|Three Years|Chapter 37. Article 1. Section 8|
|New York|1 Year|New York Code. Civil Practice Law and Rules. Article 2. Section 215(3)|
|North Carolina|1 Year|North Carolina General Statutes. Chapter 1. Section 54(3)|
|North Dakota|Two Years|North Dakota Century Code. Title 28. Chapter 1. Section 18(1)|
|Ohio|One Year|Ohio Revised Code. Title 23. Section 2305.11(A)|
|Oklahoma|One Year|Oklahoma Statutes. Title 12. Section 95(A)(4)|
|Oregon|One Year|Oregon Revised Statutes. Title 2. Section 12.120(2)|
|Pennsylvania|One Year|Pennsylvania Code. Title 42. Section 5523(1)|
|Rhode Island|One Year|Rhode Island General Laws. Title 9. Section 1-14(a)|
|South Carolina|Two Years|South Carolina Code of Laws. Title 15. Section 3-550(1)|
|South Dakota|Two Years|South Dakota Codified Laws. Title 15. Section 2-15(1)|
|Tennessee|Six months for slander; one year for libel|Tennessee Code. Title 28. Sections 3-103, 3-104(a)(1)|
|Texas|One Year|Civil Practice and Remedies Code. Title 2. Section 16.002(a)|
|Utah|One Year|Utah Code. Title 78B. Section 2-302(4)|
|Vermont|Three Years|Vermont Statutes. Title 12. Section 512(3)|
|Virginia|One Year|Virginia Statutes. Title 8.01. Section 247.1|
|Washington|Two Years|Revised Code of Washington. Title 4. Section 16.100(1)|
|West Virginia|Two Years|West Virginia Code. Chapter 55. Section 2-12(b)|
|Wisconsin|Three Years|Wisconsin Statutes & Annotations. Chapter 893. Section 57|
|Wyoming|One Year|Wyoming Statutes Annotated. Title 1. Section 3-105(a)(5)(A)|

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Well Texas says 2, and Alex was only required to turn over the past 2 years worth of texts I believe.

But Virginia says just 1 year as well and Depp just sued her for a 2018 article about the events of 2013-2016, so this must not mean that you have 1-2 years to sue, maybe you have 1-2 years to file a complaint and then you can sue later, I don’t know I’m not a lawyer.

We have an army of fag doctors on this website but we don’t have 1 jew lawyer to rub between us.