Guess who Fedor invited to his training camp?

I have learned from my sources that Fedor's trainers were truly concerned about Fedor breaking his hands on Silva's giant head. Fedor was quite fond of Jean-Claude Van Damme's work as a teenager and recalled his vicious open palm strikes from Bloodsport (those which helped to defeat Chun Li). M-1 immediately contacted JCVD to teach Fedor some of these secret techniques. Silva is in big trouble.


Sylvester Stallone.

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Silva attempted to strike with the palm of his foot, but hit with the ball. A full open palm foot strike would be an indirect testament to Bas I think, which is why Bas is a bit peeved at Steve. Striking with the ball was accidental and very lucky the way it produced a KO, but Steve acted like the ball strike had been practiced. I can see Bas' reaction.


^^^ Carwin should have kept the hair.

Matt Furey has the power to speak with ghosts...


 Mayhem is correct.

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Fedor training fail..

KneetoFaceKO knows what's up.