Guess who the 1st legal slave owner in America was

A "friend" posted this TPNN (Tea Party News Network) article/column on Facebook today...I would throughly enjoy if some OG'ers went to the comments section and sparked up some spirited conversation lol...

If a BLUE would be so kind to help me with the link... Phone Post 3.0

ben affleck?

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This is pretty fucking stupid:

The problem with slavery is not an issue of race, but an issue of the human condition. Greed and cowardice, not skin color, made Anthony Johnson and countless other slave owners commit such treacherous acts against humanity. Similarly, the black slaves brought to the colonies were sold to the America-bound slave ships by blacks in Africa.

The importance of the Casor suit is that it was the first time a person was sentenced to a lifetime of servitude in a civil case without committing a crime. Phone Post 3.0

Yes. There were plenty of Africans who participated in the slave trade. There were Jews who worked with hitler.
But if a person wants to use the 'blacks were involved' angle to somehow lessen the impact of slavery on black people. Or the anger and resentment over the way slavery was implemented and maintained with the brutal slave codes, Jim Crow that followed, that dog don't hunt. Phone Post 3.0

Ah yes, Tea Party News Network, my go to source for unbiased and factual news.

More breaking news from these clowns:

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icarus92 - Ah yes, Tea Party News Network, my go to source for unbiased and factual news.
That's exactly why my mind was blown when I saw the post...the dude that posted it and the NUMEROUS people in the comments section of the article are somehow justifying slavery (because everyone did it) and at the same time saying they aren't racist...Poor lone black dude in the comments section is getting ate alive by those idiots Phone Post 3.0

Slavery is a current problem for many countries and various races. For whatever reason the black slavery in america gets way more attention. I was born in 1985, I have no guilt as I had nothing to do with any of it. I feel more guilty buying nikes and whatnot. Phone Post 3.0