Guess who's injured now.....

@arielhelwani: According to @ufc_brasil, newcomer Bibiano Fernandes is out of UFC 149 due to an injury. Gosh. R. Delorme will face TBD. This is no fun. Phone Post

We should make an MMA injury drinking game. If a UFC fighter gets injured, we need to have 2 shots of vodka. If a UFC fighter fighting a title fight get injured, 2 shots of vodka and a pint of beer. If a fighter from any other org gets injured, pint of beer.

I'd be coming into work hungover every fuckin day!

Heh good idea Phone Post

Are all the fighters trying to take down the UFC? How are all these injuries even possible? Phone Post

superCalo - whew!

I thought you were going to say Brandon Vera.
If that was the case I would have stopped watching mMa, it wouldnt be worth the heartbreak.

 Better knock on some wood fella....... no homo

I think we'd all die of alcohol poisoning playing a drinking game over this. Phone Post

 I think everytime a fighter is injured, Dana White drinks, and it doesn't have to be a game.