Guess whose back.......back again

For one night at least

" Sean "X-Pac" Waltman made an appearance last night at the WWE house show in Tampa, Florida. He came out to celebrate with DX after they won their match, which got a huge reaction from the crowd. Right now it's unknown what if any plans WWE has for Waltman in the future or if he has signed a contract.

Throughout his time away from the company, Waltman remained friends with Vince and Triple H and never had anything bad to say about them. While it could have just been a one-time thing, a full-time return is likely not out of the question."

Yes! More Bronco Busters!!!!! lol..

copy and paste:

Hurry before wwe takes it down.

They start a wellness program then bring back Jeff Hardy and X-Pac?




Why not bring Chyna back while they're at it...

I have the xpac shoot interview and it shows a bunch of matches when he was in his early 20's in Japan, he could hang hold for hold with all of the old school Japanese workers. We only saw a tiny bit of his actual wrestling ability in wwe.

Lol this is terrible news.DX reunion maybe.

they need to bring him back as the 123 kid

WWE is goin backwards on this deal fo real