Guesses on Steph's historic announcement Monday?

She's leaving HHH for me. She will be my wife and I will take over WWE. Hunter gets to keep the kids.

Get ready for bra and panty matches to make a HUGE comeback.

What do you guys think?

Probably some cunt shit like running a competing event in Chicago during “All In”. All In is sold out but I could see WWE just being assholes and doing some fan fest for free.

It’s new wrestling dolls. 

It's all an women WWE ppv

Women’s tag team title tournament 

Meltzer is speculating it’s OP’s idea. 

Could be an all womens event. 

Womens elimination Chamber

Womens tag 

If Steph is making the announcement it is definitely about the divas. 


Only other big thing in the future is the rebranding of PPVS to have some of the WCW names such as Halloween Havoc and possibly Starrcade as regular events

Mae Young 2

Tag team

Breast reduction

100% Women Related.

Possibly Raw women’s title headlining Summerslam?

women women women

what else could it be


more specifically: it's likely the women's tag titles


I hope it's that she's retiring from in front of the camera and will never return 


She’s had it with your shit grizz!

Her, Vicki Guerrero, and Stephen A Smith are the only people I can still hear when my TV is muted.  I despise her and wish nothing more than to never be subjected to her on my television again 

Yeah but member?