Guest Commentators For 100?

Has there been an extra commentator since Rashad?  Think there will be any guests?

It will not be Randy. He'll be out of town being dad.

(per interview with ESPN 360)

I always like Elvis and Jens as commentators. However for history's sake, they could give it to Royce. Although Royce is not super vocal, he is quite clear and pretty objective in his commentating when he did Pride. I thought he would be more GJJ #1 but he was not like that at all.

Frank Shamrock is also very good but we know that aint happening and I dont want to see Ken do it.

Bring back the ramp and Jeff Osbourne!

dipsheet - I'd like to hear from as many HOFers as possible.
Is it me or is Zuffa not playing up the "100" angle nearly enough?

it's not just you.

 Jim Brown !!!!!

joshjitsu -  Jim Brown !!!!!

"Mmm, mmm, mmmm."

 Nothing ..... kinda sad.