Guf vs Shogun is a beautiful fight.

Really enjoying this. Don't know who to cheer for as both guys are great. Phone Post

10-9 Guf? Phone Post

mofomike - 10-9 Guf? Phone Post

I'd hate to be a judge any time Shogun fights. But I'd agree.

This round is very hard to call though. Phone Post

20-18 gus Phone Post

Round a piece in my book.

The first two rounds are really hard to call. Though I think the second was easier to score.

19-19 or 20-18 Gus really hard to decide.

Pulling for rua, but I'm afraid neither of these 2 would be trouble for Bones. Phone Post

Guf running it. Phone Post

Shogun needs a miracle this time ... Kneebar! Phone Post

29-28 Gus in my book. Phone Post

30-27 Guf ... Next fight Jon Jones Phone Post

BoilerBrawnByBeatdown - Gustaffson has a fucking chin

. Phone Post

World Peace's Left Elbow - 29-28 Gus in my book. Phone Post

Agree. Phone Post

Great fight. Anyone who said Alexander can't take a shot can kindly STFU now. He ate some big ones and kept coming Phone Post

Someone gave Gus a 10-8? For real? Phone Post

I love every Shogun fight, we should really appreciate this guy because when he has retired he has retired. Absolute animal and will be talked about in years to come. Phone Post

Who should Shogun fight next? Phone Post

mofomike - 

Who should Shogun fight next? Phone Post

Phil Davis, Thiago Silva, Rashad Evans. All great fights.