Guida continues to get

Fucked, screwed, robbed etc. Last two fights were horrible dec and especially this last one. If they were scored fairly/accurately we would be getting ready for a title shot for Guida or a the very least demanding Guida get the title shot.

Absolute horse shit and a fighter of that caliber having title contention/hopes ripped away. Shame on the judges and the UFC.


I agree... Clay got robbed bad against Griffin. I didn't see the Din fight but I was very pissed at the decision sat.

Cant bitch about close decisions either way. Either put a stop to the fight or truly dominate.

First time I saw Clay fight was on Saturday. The guy is an animal and showed excellent skill!

I was floored when they read off that decision.

Bias against cavemen imo

I don't remember ever being that pissed over a decision. Guida was blatantly robbed again.

His hair cut screwed him. That wild hair makes ANY blow that even makes him flinch look way more potent than it really is. If a judge has their face to Clay's back and sees hair flying it tends to look like he is getting whipped, even if he is blocking shots or even if they miss, but his mop is flying in the wind.

I thought he edged out the fight, but it was close enough the hiar screwed him. He needs a new doo.

Edited for oddnes in my explanation of judge's view.

How can close decision be a robbery? Guys make it seem like guida dropped him 5x and beat the hell out of him. The fight was close and Rogan was biased as always.

Guida was robbed without a doubt...

Relax Derek, it was good dec. Tyson had more Rhythm on his feet and connected more.

I wanted to see Clay win too, don't get me wrong, but, Tyson did enuff.

TTT for both of those guys!! It was the fight of the night!!

I'm relaxed, it is an opinion and it was pretty much a majority except with the judges. Thats what makes it so shitty.

Tyson never came close to finishing, while Clay had Tyson in some really rough spots several times in the fight. It was a pretty bullshit decision. Also: Tyson Griffin was a fucking prick. At the end of the fight Guida offered his hand to help Tyson up and Tyson didn't take it. You could see it on Tyson's face he knew he lost.

Derek, It's Gabriel from Iron Academy ( :) !

It's good to see u post, buddy!

Altho I don't like the outcome, it was a close fight.

It just seemed like Clay needed to get it to the ground in order to win, and Tyson did more to show well rounded skill.

Plus, once it hit the ground, Clay didn't CONTROL the whole time. It was mostly a scramble.

Now I know Clay had the sub attempts, but besides the knee bar, the attempts were scrambles.

No one lost in that fight, but the fans won.

Guida 29-28. Tyson takes a close round 1. Guida dominates round 2. First 2mins of the 3rd round is slow with the edge to Tyson on the feet. Guida then takes control and dominates the second half of the round. Tyson is clearly dissapointed when the bell rings knowing he lost.

Gabriel busting my balls. LOL, kind of shady outcome but I guess you can say thats the way it goes. I completely agree on not allowing the judges to make the call but it gets frustrating when a dec goes wrong.

Clay will be back.

TTT for his Clay's performance and spirit!!!

TTT for Derek Tomchek! :) Continued success!!


guida won 29-28 end of story!

I wish the judges would have saw it that way. But both fighter's are extremely tough, and Clay will be back!

Decisions and judging structure: what MMA should not learn from boxing