Guida: I could have been 15-1

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                                Guida: I could have been 15-1

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Yet despite his success, after close losses to Benson Henderson and Gray Maynard, Guida decided to make the move ten pounds south to featherweight, with his debut at 145 pounds set for January 26th in Chicago against Japan’s Hatsu Hioki.

“We fought the best in the lightweight division and got very close to the top,” he said. “We’ve had a couple of chances for a number one contendership or whatever you want to call it, and had some Fight of the Night bonuses and Fight of the Years. We’ve been all over the place and it’s been a fun road, and the road is gonna continue with more success at featherweight.”

This past June, Guida went five rounds with Maynard in a bout that ended with a controversial split decision going to “The Bully.” It wasn’t the first close decision Guida was on the wrong end of, but it was the one that pushed him and his team to consider a change of scenery.

“Looking at my record in the UFC, 9-7, it just doesn’t sit well, and I demand more out of myself and I know I can do better and always improve,” he said. “People see my fighting style, and if they’ve seen my fights, that record could be 15-1 just like that. I think there’s only really one fight that I went out there and it wasn’t even a close fight, and that was the Kenny Florian fight (in 2009), which helped change my career in a positive way. So looking at it as a whole and in the bigger picture of my career, after the Maynard fight I spoke with my brother (fellow fighter Jason Guida), who is a huge influence in my life and my career, and he said it might be that time to cut those extra pounds and get down to ’45 and start pushing people around and start knocking dudes out. He said ‘You had some close fights, you stunned Gray a few times and wobbled Ben, but we’ve gotta start finishing these guys.’ So I thought about that, and let it soak in for a while.”

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Guida ran, he scurred. Phone Post

Let me know when a fighter says "What's done is done, I'm looking towards the future and training hard"

bornop - Tl;dr

"If I hadn't lost all those fights, I would have won them." Phone Post

Lol Phone Post

He just needed a little more movement Phone Post

bornop with the thread ender.

"No wonder we beat them nearly half the time!"

I have to say I'm interested in his fight with Hioki and how he looks at 45.

This could be a good new start for him.

The last fight and the Pettis fight leave people with a bad impression of him but he could do some damage at FW.

No, no he could not.

The only thing that was controversial about his fight with Maynard was that it was a split decision instead of a unanimous win for Gray.

FW is getting stacked.

He could also be 6-10 if those splits he won went the other way. What an odd thing to say. Phone Post

LOL at stunned Gray, Gray dropped his hands gave him free shots and he still shot in for a takedown cause he couldnt even phase him Phone Post

dhughes - Looking forward to seeing him fight at feather. Really everyone should be; he has given us many fantastic fights.

It's a shame so many people have a "what-have-you-done-for-me-lately" kind of thinking about...well everything and everybody. But as regards MMA..every fight is its own thing and just because he might have had a few fights that were less exciting doesn't change the fact that he has had some amazingly exciting fights.

Always a fan.

don't really like him, but he works harder than most with what he's got, and you gotta respect that.

The guy is a joke. Clearly lost to Danzig, Diaz, Maynard, and Sanchez yet he was able to hugfest his way to split decisions in all those fights.

Even in the Pettis fight Anthony was FAR more active (effective grappling) and landed more shots. But since Clay was on top he was given the nod.

I hope at 45 he rediscovers his warrior spirit that Huerta stole from him. I don't see him being able to touch the top guys like Mendes, Aldo, and now Edgar (could you imagine).

Ironic that his brother is the one who convinced him to lose a few extra pounds! Clay's the man. Love to see the exciting style back. He's one of the few non-champs that people who hardly watch the sport recognize Phone Post

Not too many know that Clay Guida was a child actor and played the feral kid from the Mad Max: The Road Warrior movie. Phone Post

Clay seems like one of the nicest guys in the UFC and I feel bad for him getting all this hate.

As someone said he works very hard with what he's got.

Maybe he needs to change his game up a bit if possible. Phone Post

I like Guida and am a fan of his exciting fights, but there is no way in hell his record should be 15-1 in the UFC. But he will make waves at 145. Phone Post