Guide for downloading youtube etc.

this is by far the easiest way i have found to download google, youtube and others to your computer.

1st. download .flv player from here

  1. then go here.

simply type the coorresponding url of the video you want to save in the correct box, as instructed. ie google video in the google box.

  1. download.

save as .flv file as instructed at top of screen.

  1. watch on your dvl player.

hope this helps

can you convert it into another format for dvd/vcd disks?

Good info - thanks.

don't know, sorry Josh.


Yes, you can convert flv to mpg. I don't remember what program does it, but that is why google was invented.

How do you download the files? I can only get them to play streaming!


enter the vid url in the "Download direct from most video sites:" section on

click the download button and the screen refreshes.

in the 'download' section, right click on the download link button then save the file.

hope that helps.

From a JudoForum topic:

  1. this site converts links to youtube, google-video etc video-clips into downloadable .flv files

  1. freeware 'Super' program plays and converts between all multimedia files. flash (swf, flv) mpg, mpeg-4, mov, wmv, DVD (vob), real, avi (DiVX, Xvid, etc) and all that, even into the mobile-phone formats. follow the link is at the bottom, twice:

(abt 19mb download)

Simply drag and drop the clip into the white space at the bottom of the program, then choose the file format you want from the list at the top ('Selected Output Container" etc). The standard ones that should work on most every computer are MPG (mpegI) / MPEG-I (as the output video codec) and MP 2 (as the audio codec).

  1. To play the straight flv file, use the FLV player recommeneded by the site in Step 1. You will see the link when you input the URL (abt 2mb download) ********************************

Also, JudoBJJKid suggested GreaseMonkey to download straight from your browser.