Guild Wars- Factions on Friday

The new Guild Wars game "Factions" comes out this Friday. Anyone besides me going to play?

I know you guys love to pay $180 a year to play WOW so you probably won't have any money left to buy this game though.

Been a huge GW fan since it laucnched and the new additions in games seem to be what most people were asking about. Preview had some decent fun esp a good 12vs12 battle.

Alas when half of your 12 drops out or are afk cause they hit start button and went to get a sandwich it really sucks.

What sucks for me is that I start a new job on the 1st... soooooooooo temping...... And I realllly shouldn't touch it at all.

I would, but after playing it for like 20 mins I realized it couldnt hold a candle to Diablo 2.

Graphics were pretty though..

WOW is dying now, time to get into Guild Wars people.

I have a guild wars account but just don't have time to play it with all the wowing and eveing. (mostly wowing right now)

Holy shit I just played the new game Factions today for 2 hours and it is awesome. If you liked Guild Wars, you'll love this new one.

"Guild Wars - Factions" is FUCKING AWESOME...oh yeah you don't have to pay some stupid fucking $15 a month fee. $50 and you can play it every day for the rest of your life.

lol@WoW dying

yes WoW is true....I can no longer afford the 50 cents a day it costs to play...with my new found wealth from quiting WoW I can now get a medium drink everyday at lunch instead of a small....

If you'd actually play WoW for more than 5 mins you'd wouldnt have had to waste that $50 bucks on the crap game.

Yeah the game really sucks: 9/10

i fucking cant stand guild wars lol i bought it and shelved it 2 days later its got a nice coating of dust now ...and i thought grinding on wow was boring lol