Guild Wars - ready to ascend soon

Ok, so I'm a level 17 Ranger/Monk (with a stupid level 8 dune lizard) and just completed the first of 3 Ascension missions. So after I finish the other 2 Missions I fight myself I think.

So after this happens, is there other cool stuff? I heard something about the Underworld and some other cool places.

I found some hidden dragons in the desert, that was fucking cool.

Have you two run into eachother yet? Why not meet somewhere?

2 missions down 1 to go

yeah get a fucking room


Finally ascended last night, holy shit that was hard. It took me like 30 tries at least.

Holy crap I just started the Dragon mission that is hard as fuck...and that's with a party of 8 people.

This game rocks.

Finally built my first pvp char ... man I waited so long before doing this that my pvp guy was fully decked!

Jockey ... everytime you buy something with a Balthazar temple priest and it becomes available ... is it only for the new chars you build? If you kill an old char, are all the things you bought for him gone?


How do you create a PvP?

Is it something you create from an existing player or do you have to start all over again at Level 1?

Jockey ... I bought a rune but can't see it in the new char's inventory ... I guess there's an edit mode I missed.

jman ... I waited until I'd fully ascended etc before making my first PvP char ... he was a lev 20 immediately.

Who the fuck is Balthazar the priest ?

:) You can buy stuff for PvP chars from them with faction points you earn in pvp scenarios. There's one at Droknar's Forge ... maybe every central main location.