Guillard-Clark Video Now Available


The battle fought at Reality Combat: Duel in the Delta between Melvin Guillard and La Verne Clark is now available for download at , It is available in the download section to site members, if you are not a member simply fill out the registration form and you will have access to all downloads. Or click Here to go straight to the registration page.

I tried but I can't get on ?????? What is up with that???

I don't know, read the directions carefully when registering!

Sweet thanks

Gabe it doesnt work for me either. Im getting the "that username has been dis allowed" message too. Any chance of someone putting a link up here?

the 1st round movie stops after about 10 seconds foolio

Everything is working fine now! We had the security turned way up. It's ready to go now.

Check out this Great fight!!!!!

Nah, I am still getting the "that username has been disallowed" message.

Hell Yeah! Great job putting this up already!

I just registered and got in just fine.

I tried it with Firefox, IE and Netscape, & it's a no go on all thee browsers. I also tried it using different usernames, passwords, and emails ... still, no go.

Is this working for anyone out there?

Just got in and tried it again and still not working.

You should now be able to go right into the video section with out registering at all.

so what aboot my prob bob?

yep, the site is down right now. i wouldn't be surprised if the server is having problems handling all of the traffic. i'm sure it'll be fixed soon. you guys definitely don't want to miss this fight.

Are any of the other fights going to be on the internet? How do you get a dvd of the fights?


"You are trying to access a restricted area.

We are Sorry but this section of our site is for Subscribed Users Only."

I think DNWSR is right.

I cant access it and REALLY REALLY want to see this fight

guys i apologize, i had one security setting still active, it is now down, you can see the fight freely!

Everything is up and running fine now!!!

"Are any of the other fights going to be on the internet? How do you get a dvd of the fights?"

We will have most of the fight's on the site once they get edited.And there will be a DVD for sale from this event real soon!