Guillard needs fight Dec 3rd

Merlvin Guillard also needs a fight for the Main Event, Dec 3rd in New Orleans, La. at the next Battle of New Orleans. 10 fights are scheduled for the night. e-mail

hey joe dont you mean nov 13.

yeah, i thought it was on the 13th? that makes a big difference in finding a replacement.

isnt the ametuer tourny on dec 4th?

sorry, yes adam for the 13th in biloxi, and i also need a fight for melvin dec 3rd in new orleans

cannibal who are you?

im a baaaaad man

cannibal is rockwell. Yeah joe i just figured you got the dates mixed up. Melvin has been catching some bad breaks with opponents lately. best of luck finding him someone

hopefully kirk is alright. i find it strange that he would just avoid contact.

contact mike camp,he can get ahold of kirk for you

Mike Camp has not heard from him in over 2 weeks.

oh shit, melvin need a fight fornov 13th and dec 3rd

I want to see him fight Josh Neer or Spencher Fisher if fights are at 170lbs, if at 155lbs, Ryan Schultz of team quest.

the razor, melvin will be atepping up in class in 2005 but will stay at 155lbs

hopefully we get a fight for him by saturday!!!