Guillard needs fight Nov. 13th

From what I understand, Tom Kirk has not been able to be found and is suppose to fight Melvin Guillard on the Reality Combat Show, Nov 13th in Biloxi, Miss. at the Imperial Palace. Looks like we need another opponent at this time and are looking for someone to step up possibly for this event. Any Takers? Get in touch with Joe Ancona at or get in touch with Rich Clemente at

seriously, why do we need a half dozen posts on one Melvin Guillard fight, when he apparently doesn't even have an opponent?

I suggest you don't fight on November 13 because you fight Defranco nov 20th and then you want to fight dec 3rd. Guillard nickname should be the suicide king.


you gotta give some more info on the fighter...

good thought...

corsey: get on aim if you get this

the razor, i personally agree with you, although, he is fighting to pay the rent while i try to get him a better job! we felt real confident about the tom kirk fight and we weren't worried about him anyway, but we wouldn't take a tough fight before santino de franco , I do appreciate all your oppinions, though, and he will be stepping up in 2005