guillard vs hazelett

havent seen hazelett fight.ive seen many of melvin's fights.will he be able to match up with melvin or get ktfo'd like most do.

Guillard by KO between the 20-40 second mark of Round 1.

interesting match up imo. Obviously melvin has the edge on the feet. However hazelett has a huge advantage against melvin on the ground. If melvin engages with hazelett for more than 20 seconds on the ground he will be submitted. It's all about imposing your will in this match up and both have the tools to do so.

If Hazelett can get passed round 1, he has a chance because Melvin doesn't seem to have great cardio.

^ You do have a point workman, his back to back subs at Extreme Challendge 68 were pretty impressive, and both in the first round...But I still say, Guillard by KO very early in the first round.

Dustin's standup isnt as bad as many of you are implying. The only question that I have is how can he get Guillard to the ground. I'm not sure that he can take Melvin down...and I don't think that Melvin will be trying to take him down during the fight...if Hazelett can get it to the ground (top or bottom)...he will win

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yeah i am not sure dustin can take him down. melvin will be too strong and keep it standing. dustin is descent on his feet but i just think melvin is too strong of a striker. best of luck to both.

This will also be Dustins first fight at 155, I believe.....I think Melvin is a tough matchup for anyone when he is on his game, but so is Dustin. Everyone thinks Guillard has an advantage in the standup, but I think his only advantage is his explosiveness. Dustin can hang with him standing and will probably be forced to because Guillard knows he will get beaten easily on the ground and do everything possible to keep it standing......Evilmaster, 20-40 second ko? You must not have watched his fights very closely...

Dustin came real close to subbing Desouza. And Desouza is VERY skilled on the ground.

If Dustin can get Melvin on the ground, he'll win.

That's not gonna be easy though.

Should be an interesting fight.

melvin has been submitted before, but i think he learned that having ants in your pants is not a good game plan.