guillotine escape?

How do you escape the guillotine choke when you're in someone's guard and your arm is caught inside?

i was so mad with myself for getting caught in it last night and i tried hard to get out, but i couldn't. there has to be a way other than muscling out.

If your in the guard??..... just wait, and either they will get tired or you will pass out.

lol.. didn't read your second post...

tap tap

This escape has proven to work the best for me.

Fake tap a la Matt Lindlind works best in my experience.

Do these things simultaneously

Neck Chin & Shoulders:
Shrug your shoulders and bring your chin to your chest to minimize you neck. Slightly turn your chin so it is just starts to worm past his fore arm. Once you get your chin on his wrist you know the choke is off, and you can let him squeeze him self out a bit.

Free hand grabs the wrist and pulls using strong motion.

Legs & Body:
Drive your trapped shoulder into his chest and straighten your body up to take away the neck crank part and stop his mobility. When you feel you have a little space, drop your body back down which will pop your head up and out. It may take a couple tries.

Bloddshart is correct

"If done right, no can defend."

can't that basically be said of most/any legit attack?

Proper defense as I know it is to drop weight on the side of your body that the arm is stuck, it keeps the attacker from escaping the hips out, which keeps the choke from properly being applied.

"Biting usually works! "

yeah sure...even if you were allowed to bite: once the choke is applied you can't even open your mouth and there is nothing to bite down on if you could.

Old school way out was to grab the guys wrist/arm around your neck with the near hand. With your far arm, wrap around his neck driving all your weight into his neck with your shoulder. Rotate your body into his neck and away from the guillotine simultaneously.

What is the position?
Are you both standing?
Are you in his guard?

Saulo's guillotine escape:

This one he shows with the arm out, but it works with the arm in as well.  You just have to change a few small details.

Standing or in guard - if you recognized the guillotine early enough you can simply 'reach' straight down with your trapped arm. Driving your arm down should eliminate the choking effects. Grabbing the wrist with your free arm is good too.

If you're in guard and you're late - you need to try to force your trapped arm through the guy's legs into the middle to get the same 'reaching down' effect. If his hips are super-tight to you, it may take some effort to get your hand in there.

Adjust your body as noted in the posts above to also relieve some choking pressure and then sit tight - you got caught in a bad position and now you get to suffer a little.

DON'T allow your opponent to re-grip over the outside of your trapped arm - which is a good idea for him!

That is the best side choke instruction i have ever seen. Who is that?


Crap, sorry, I put up the wrong link.  THIS is Saulo teaching the guillotine escape; Pedro Sauer teaches it pretty much the same way:

thanks, man.