guillotine question

I am a novice bjjer and I always finish the guillotine by putting my forarm under the chin, grabbing that arm's hand with my other hand, cranking, and wrapping my legs around my opponany to create leverage.

What is the difference between finishing the choke with one of the opponant's arms "in" rather than how I do it? I have seen it done successfully even with the opponant's arm "in", but I don't know the difference. Are the 2 chokes just the same in different circumstances? Is one preferable, easier etc? Please give me the full analysis, as I have often wondered this.


where can I sign? Are there any disadvantages to no arm in? Are there any advantages to having the arm in, like transitions if the guy/gal escapes etc.?

It's much harder to get it if their arm is in.

Arm in, should not work against a skilled guy. If the arm is in you lose compete control of one side of the neck.. thus making it a pretty inaffective choke if properly defended...actually i think that goes for all guillotine chokes. not to say you wont catch guys with them but i think your time could be better spent learning techniques that you havent known since middle school.. also there are better techniques for the quillotine than the one you described... try posting the hand of the arm that isnt doing the choking on your apponents shoulder. Then grab the wrist of that arm with the hand of the choking arm and put a slight crank on the neck away from the posted arm... pretty nast if done right.


Coccarecco (sp?) beat a couple of guys in ADCC 2004 using the "arm in" version. He beat some badass BJJ guys. How come he pulled it off if it's easy to defend?


"Coccarecco "

Enricco Cocco? That 15/16 year old kid?

The arm in can be just as effective as the straight guillotine if you know how to apply it.

Who was the last person Bas subbed in a match and what year was it?

The guillotine and the achilles are two moves that I have not been able to use successfully yet.

Arm in guillotine is a completely different move than the no arm guillotine. it is a different pressure and has different mechanics. For the arm in you want your armpit to be almost completly over his head as if he could pop out real easy. Than you torque to that side while keeping your posture sitting up. YOU DONT WANT YOU BACK ON THE MAT! it has become a very common move in BJJ circles as of late. It is very effective also.

Brian Dunn is that master of the guillotine. He can land that damn thing in any spot.

Who's Brian Dunn?



Bas is correct. The guys who tap with the arm in do so out of a "panic" reaction. They are actually in no danger.

bjj4life: many people have been put to sleep in competition with an arm in guillotine.

The arm in has become a much more common choke now.
Sato just got choked completely out with it.. he's no novice. It finished 5 really good fighters at last ADCC as well if I remember. These guys are not new.
The difference is, just like with any move, the original guillotine became common and began to get defended well. The arm OUT guillotine is actually being defended easier than with it in nowadays.

Another difference with the choke if I'm not mistaken is that with the arm out guillotine you push away with your legs, where as with the arm IN guillotine you actually pull them towards you. Also, you tend tobe a bit more sideways and sitting up with that one.

But I am not master at it... but I have tapped some decent people with the arm in.
Especially if you jump to guard and your leg of the "choking" arm ends up getting up around their bicept and traps that arm.

with the arm in it is much harder for the guy to escape; he has one less hand to fight off the choke. it very effective.

So what is the proper way to counter/defend each move if it is slapped on while standing. Is it too late then? Please advise on the defence to the moves.



"Ashahi nearly died" from the choke or his neck was injured from a crank?

My main complaint about Bas Rutten as a commentator is his lack of grappling knowledge. I really enjoy listening to him until he starts telling the audience the wrong info. But he is primarily a striker so I guess you can't blame him.