Guitar & Bass ?

Well, here we are on the (already) much maligned SoundGround.

Seems to have a lot of OGers with their panties in a bunch, and I can't for the life of me figure out why.

So, let's get to the gear talk. This thread is to bring up problems you are having with a guitar or bass,questions about modifications you have made or are considering, or advice about new gear purchases.

Feel free to give opinions as well as ask questions, the purpose is lively discussion, not me on a soapbox.


OK, Ill kick it off. A year or 2 ago (back when I had TIME), I built my dream guitar. Well, put it together, anyway. Sounds pretty good, but only one problem. I had to muck around a bit to get the neck on (Ibanez EX neck into Ibanez Les Paul body), and as a result, the neck isnt lined up. Its level, but is out of whack side to side. By this, I mean that the high e string is on the fretboard at the first fret, but comes closer to the edge as you climb up the neck. Can you suggest some options to fix it myself (it'll cost a shitload to get done by a pro I think, and since its kinda my baby, Id rather do it myself if possible).

Thanx in advance.

My first concern is the scale length.

Most Les Paul style guitars have a 24.75"scale where most other Ibanez guitars have a 25.5 inch scale. Did you compensate for this when mounting you neck? You should be able to measure the distance from the nut to the 12th fret, double it, and be almost exactly the distance from the nut to the bridge. No more than an eighth of an inch difference I would say.If the difference is greater than that, you will most assuredly have intonation problems.

As far as the alignment is concerned, generally you can use shims of maple veneer or cut down pieces of guitar pick. picks come in quite a variety of thicknesses so you can find just the right fit. By fitting shims in on the bass side of the neck near the point where the neck enters the body (16th-17th fret on a lot of guitars) you can shift the neck toward the treble side until you get proper alignment. This also gives better neck stability in a loose fitting pocket.

If the pocket fits tight and there is no room to shift it into good alignment, you will have to shave the pocket in the right spot on the treble side to allow room for it to move.

I want to buy a five string bass that sounds really dark and evil. I have small hands and am not that great yet. I am willing to pay about 600 bucks or so.

Anything that sort of fits in those areas?

I think offhand you should check out the Schecter Diamond Series 5-string neck thru model. It might be called the Elite5. Guitar center near me carries them. Nice small body and a fast slim neck that still sounds good.Soapbar type pick-ups and active EQ. I think it is pretty close to your price range.Actually I just called GC and they sell them for $699.00

The dark and evil part is up to you.

What I mean by that is the dark part is more in the EQ than in the bass and the evil is what you do with it.;)

How difficult is it to

(a)stick a bigsby style tremolo on a Les Paul Studio,


(b)Is it worth going through the trouble.

I really like the tone of this guitar, so I don't want to fuck it up or knock too much off the resale value.

I have a 6 string handmade banjo (guitar banjo) and I`m having a hard time getting the tone I want when I mike it. What is the best banjo pickup or blend?

Racer X,

I adjusted the scale length accordingly. It is thrown together pretty roughly, but I added a block of wood to the body end of the neck so that the scale is 25 1/2 inches.

Because the fit in the neck pocket is preyy tight, I would need to shave down the neck a little in some spots in order to fit shims in wouldnt I? would I be better off shving the heel in such a way that the neck is aligned that way?

Gumby, you are almost always better off shaving the side of the neck POCKET not the neck. Unless you plan to put the original neck back on some day, that is what I would do.

Das Beaver, you might do a bit of searching to see what is currently available it the way of non-intrusive trem tailpieces. there used to be a thing called a Bowen Bar that sat on the original tailpiece studs. Another more recent one is called the Les Trem, I believe. Both can be installed with no modification.

If you are going to put a Bigsby on, you stand a good chance of trashing resale value. It's just a sad fact that your customizing is another man's abuse.

Whatever trem system you consider, it's tuning stability can be improved DRAMATICALLY by installing locking tuners such as Sperzel Trim-Loc tuners. A graphite composite or well crafted bone nut also help.

Hillbilly, Fishman makes a good Banjo pick-up or two.
try this:

Has anybody tried out the new Fender Deville amps?

I've played around in the music store and it sounded great, but everything seems to sound great in the music store.

Do you mean the Hot Rod Deville? I have the 40W version, the Hot Rod Deluxe, and I love it. I mostly use the clean channel or use an outboard gain unit for distortion although the dirty channel is OK.


I got a hod rod deluxe when the first came out then sold it last year. Good little amp. I`ve played a lot on the Deville and like the bigger tone, but they are heavy bastards.

Cool! Thanks guys, I'm gonna try and rent one this week to test it out.

I like the Deluxe because it overdrives at lower volume and that suits my needs. The Deville with 4x10 speaker configuration is also the ultimate harmonica rig. A guy I used to work with was a harp player and had a tweed Deville and he could just cut your F'n head off (in a good way). ;)

My bro is a harp player extrordinaire and usually goes right into the board with a sm 58, or uses an old tweed champ and a bullet mike with the champ miked with a sm57. Gets a great tone.

Gotta have that Green Bullet mic!

The small amp mic'ed is the classic way to a cool tone.;)


PPPPFFFTTTTT! Where are you guys?

I'll keep my ear to the ground, Tim.

One of my customers just got a German made upright circa 1959. Sounds like God's own Bass, no shit.