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M.M and Dog House crew,words of warning.

I have an uncle whos jazz group was invited to perform at the Paris Jazz Fest a number of years back.He specifically asked the airline co. to transport his upright in a heated/pressurized compartment.Well,they didn't.His bass cracked and he couldn't sue the co. because he didn't get insurance.Lesson learned.

Okay, got one for your Racer X and others. Just got my
Johnson JM60 amp in the mail yesterday, and it's a beaut.
Sounds great, really easy to use etc etc.

The only problem is, when I flip the switch on my Ibanez
Musician guitar to go to the active electronics/EQ, I get no
sound at all. Works great in normal playing, but I get nothing
when I flip that switch (which is kinda cool when it works).


I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that it's a
modeling amp, but I really know nothing about this...any
ideas are appreciated.

First of all, the obvious, make sure the battery is fresh on the guitar.

Second, start with the EQ flat to make sure the amp isn't getting too hot of a signal.

If you still get nothing in active mode, next try the guitar through a different amp to make sure the problem isn't there.

I have never heard of this problem with the Johnson amps, and I used to sell them.

thanks, i'll give that a try. the guitar was working fine a month
ago with my old amp, so i doubt the active electronics just
broke (after 24 years).

the manual says you shouldn't use non-johnson footpedals
with this amp, because the output is too high or something
like that. they recommend using only rack units. would that
have anything to do with my problem?

Well, if the output of conventional pedals is too high for the amps input, that is a clue that the EQ on your guitar may also be too hot at high boost settings.

Frankly, with the versatility of the gain and effects on the Johnson amp, I don't see much use for pedals. ;)


HEY! ttt


it's a great amp and a great guitar, no real prob that the active
doesn't work. i have the j-3 for the johnson, and it works just
fine to switch patches.


where can i get a good, reasonably-priced 90-degree angle
flat cables? guitar center had the worst ones i've seen.


Two part question,

1-What is the going rate for a mid 70's Gibson 335 in decent condition, with both standard and bigsby style tailpieces? (I'll get more info if you need it)

2-What do you think of these guitars? I've never spent any time with one, and I don't know the ups and downs of this model.

A friend of mine is selling one for $1500 Canadian (prolly $900 US)

DasBeaver, check eBay for your Gibson 335 and look under
'completed items'. That's what they've sold for there in the

That's how I check the current value of just about anything.

What is your opinion of this model? Its very similar to this one, but it also comes with the optional Bigsby style tremolo.

Shredley, the best 90 degree end cord I have encountered is the one made by Spectraflex. It is not a flat pad behind the plug however, but rather a standard barrel jack with the plug coming out theside near the end. I find this style to be much more reliable than the conventional flat pad. You just have to make sure that it will fit. What kind of axe are you plugging into?

Das Beaver,335's can be really terrific guitars. The ones to watch out for are probably the early to mid eighties,because a LOT of what Gibson was turning out at that time was just shit. That's not to say there aren't any good guitars from that period, you just have to realize that their quality control was definately at a low point then and just be more careful.In my experience, $900.00US is a pretty good price for a good quality,good condition 70's 335. Take a look at the frets to make sure they are not to grooved or worn as a refret can cost upward of $300.00 if done by a pro(the only way to go!). Look for signs of stress at the back of the neck/body joint,a repair to a headstock break, and (I know this sounds wierd) smell of mildew in the body. I have encountered semi-hollow and hollow bodied guitars that smell like mushrooms or a wet sock because they have been exposed to excess humidity. Avoid these guitars!Nothing but trouble.

Anybody (like RacerX, ahem) know about the Gibson Pat Martino model? I'm not really in the market in any immediate sense, but.... I love the sound Martino gets; I don't doubt his isn't "stock". I'm certainly curious about whether the stock models are well-made and playable and how they sound

Sweet guitar, Ali. Sort of a bastard son of the LS-6 solid body and a 335. Plays great(at least the one I played) looked and sounded good too, but I am not familiar enough with his tone to say how close it does his thing. I enjoyed it a lot, and would reccommend it.

RacerX, I'm playing an Ibanez MC-400. Got a flat plug today
in Concord at Spitzer's. Work fine, thanks for the advice...

And thanks again RacerX--saw it on the other thread too (accidental hijack!). I just found out Gibson's not making the stock Pat Martino model any more, only the custom shop. Which brings the price way up, at least for a new one

How much does the Custom Shop want for one ? Maybe I should build it for you...

I have built a custom set-neck semi hollow guitar for a guy who does a lot of studio work. If I can get the pic scanned and on webshots or something, I will post it. Sweet guitar. Shaped like a Telecaster, built like a Pat Martino.

Well.... this is more of a long-term search for me than immediate, but should I come into some money I'll be talking to you! I'm not certain, all I did was some web-searching; I believe the custom shop wants around $3,000 (USD); I don't know how much up or down it might go from there depending on options.

Martino's site lists both Standard and Custom models (but rather like the "Les Paul Custom" I don't think either of those is by the Custom shop.... they just call the fancier wood and gold hardware version 'custom', no functional difference near as I can tell). If it helps to look, both are picted at: with links to specs. One problem of course is that I'd like to play one before ordering a custom copy!

Wow, the first thread EVER on the SoundGround.

Makes me feel all nostalgic and stuff.

Where the FUCK is Musashi? Tim? Hello?

Gotta post in the first ever thread :)

What are your and everybody else's thoughts on the Crate Palomino V16 and V32 Class A tube amps? It owned my Line 6 Spider 2 ... I know, apples and oranges. It just sounded so clean to my noob ears although I liked Voodoo Child more on the Line 6. I'm not getting a new amp anytime soon but wanted to know other brands I should test-drive. I'm in the Jimi Hendrix phase but will continue learning LedZep, Metallica, and Velvet Revolver.

I might have the chance to own a real Strat this year and I'm currently enjoying the MexiStrats at GC. I know price is negotiable, etc. but I also discovered Fender Japan (local sales and not the for export guitars) and did some Yen to $$$ conversions. The prices are pretty competitive. I've read in a few boards that the not-for-export Japan Strats are pretty solid + most models use American-made pick-ups. Anybody have these Fenders?