Guitar : Best sites / apps to learn

Anyone got any reccomendations on sites or apps? 

Been getting back into it after playing as a kid, just been using youtube to touch up some of my techniques. Im probably towards the end of begginer level, can play a few songs, know a few licks. I am enjoying the blues of guitar but feel like im in the same place as last month.

Just play the same shitty stuff with more or less the same chords woth a capo.

Help pls.

The fender one was free for 90 days a little while ago, worth a look I guess. 

I have a friend who’s been learning by watching a cat named Pebber Brown on YouTube for several years. Dude’s got a fuck-ton of instructional vids going back like 10 years. My buddy has actually turned into a pretty good player through those vids, imho.