guitar pic help!!!

can someone, anyone help me put pics of my Les Pauls up on the site? (re: my thread "want to post pix of my guitars")


e-mail them to me at

I'll post them.

thanks have mail!

Got 'em! I'll get them into my photobucket album tomorrow sometime and post them. Sweet looking guitars. Two of my favorite looks for a Les Paul!

thanks bro...much appreciated

Here ya go!

And the Heritage:

Beautiful guitars. As I said before,two of my favorite Les Paul finishes.

strums furiously
those look great, nice guitars man

Wow, those are beautiful man!

Did I ever show you guys pics of my guitar?





You must have seen that one coming.

indeed my friend

thanks again to racerx for posting the pix, and thanks for all of the great feedback.

heres some bachground on them.

the 3 -piece maple top (translucent amber) was hand picked by my old boss when he was at the Gibson factory. He originally brought it back to sell to a lawyer (for $2600.00 cdn) who kept it for a month, then decided he didn't like it. It was then sold to another guy who defaulted on the payments. After repo, I bought it for $1200.00 cdn...sweet price.

the heritage standard 80 I got from a friend of mine who used to collect guitars, and for some reason he wanted a white american strat. I had one that was a few years old, and the finish of the strat started to turn a nice buttery yellow. I traded the strat STRAIGHT ACROSS for the Les Paul.

the sun obviously shines on a dog's ass sometimes heh

The're Beautiful!! F er..LOL..Wish i was a s lucky as you to get those pauls!!!!