Guitar players, what is this song

This is an old 50s/60s song, I thing it was an instrumental, kind of a rock feel to it.  

I may not have the exact chords right, but it's generally  D D E, where the D chords are quarter notes, the E is a whole note, or maybe a half note tied to a whole note for the next measure.  

That gets repeated a couple/few times, then it changes the E to an A

And there is a pentatonic walkdown using the open E - in other words, starting on the high E string 2 notes on each string: G open E, D open B, A open G, E open D, B open A, G (held with vibrato) open low E.

It's a well known song and I can't remember the name of it.  

Rumble by Link Wray?

mennis65 - 

Rumble by Link Wray?

Fuck, yes.  Thanks.  Can't believe I forgot that.  I've been playing the into as a warm up, and wanted to look at the rest of the song but couldn't remember it.