Guitar Polish

any recommendations on a good guitar polish. I can't remember what Racer X told me he uses but man that stuff works great.

also, I need something to CLEAN a all the grime off a fretboard-

Yeah, I can't remember either.
I usually cheap out and use spray-on Pledge, shines it
up and leaves a nice slick coat.

I don't know what gets vasaline off the fretboard

shit my fret board gets covered in like this black stuff too. LOL@ Das

I'm bringing this one back from the dead because I never addressed the questions.

For regular maintenance,I like either Gibson spray(not aerosol) or Martin Polish. They are both light cleaning products, the Gibson leaving a slightly "waxier" type of shine, the Martin cleans up grime a bit better. Niether one is best for removing slight oxidation(that "fog" you see on the neck or where the forearm rests on the body on some older Gibsons) or buildup of skin dirt and oil. For that stuff I use McGuire's Show Car Glaze with the 7 on the label. NOT DUPONT No7 POLISH IN THE GREEN CAN! Never get that stuff near your guitar unless you want to make it look old fast.I emphasize this because they could be next to each other on the shelf at Kragen's Auto but they are worlds apart in performance.

For fingerboards: unfinished rosewood or ebony I usually clean with OOOO steel wool. The OOOO part is the grade or fineness of the wool OOOO(pronounced four aught). Don't get anything but this or it will be too coarse and roughen the frets. You can tear off a small piece and scrub with LIGHT pressure any major gunk on the finger board(watch that finish!)across the grain even to get up next to the fret, then a wad big enough to grip and polish lengthwise top to bottom(masking off the pickup area and around the finger board keeps wool bit off, but be extra careful with any masking tape and your finish). If it seems like the gunk is just too stubborn, I would clean it with a bit of naptha(lighter fluid basically)and then follow the routine above.

Notice no lemon oil? That's because I consider lemon oil to be a treatment that needs to be done with extreme moderation,and not at all if the finger board doesn't look dry or fret aren't feeling sharper at the ends(a sign of shrinking). Too much oil can cause problems with refretting, and I have even seen a guitar that had a porous enough board that the oil seeped thru and separated the board from the neck!

That's all for now, if you have any questions for this zombie of a thread,I'll check it later.

Good info man.

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Thanks Racer X for the Info! thank God you dropped knowledge, I was about to use the OOOO steel wool on the finish


That would be bad..