Guitarists: Cool new amp

I just bought this little Roland amp a couple of months ago and love it. Have you guys tried it. It's a lot of fun, lightweight(8lbs), totally portable, and it sounds really good considering it's small size.

I use one as my test amp on my workbench, and many people who try out their guitars are very impressed.

Be careful though, I'm not sure how tough that speaker is. Mine is starting to make some slightly buzzy sounds, but I abuse the crap out of it.

Does anybody even make a decent 5" speaker if needed?

I have a spare from my Gallien Kruger 250ML that I may use, but sure, there are 5"speakers out there.

That is pretty cool, what do those things go for?

I think they usually sell for $125ish. Worth it. It has a nice sounding headphone out and a stereo input to play along with a CD player.

That is a GREAT little amp! But like the lord RX himself has said, watch out for the speaker, its not that tough.
My speaker went out, but it was more my fault than anything. I have a deck off the back of my house thats screened in, and totally set up for a party. Cable, electrical etc. And I started practicing out there with it, and then taking it back inside. Perhaps pissing around with it in the bedroom, whatever. The damn thing was so easy to take everywhere... Well, it started buzzing, and finally tapped out. If I needed another practice amp, I'd get another in a heartbeat.

If it can drive the GK speaker I have, at least I know it won't blow it. I've giged with that little nuclear lunchbox(the 250ML) and I have tortured that speaker. I don't think the Micro-Cube can hurt it. ;)

I'd get the correct replacement from Roland if you can. It could be a very big part of the sound.

The amp is cheap,the speaker can't be THAT much.(famous last words)

I'll bet there's a car speaker that would fit the bill just fine.

May be full range or possibly part of a setup like the woofer from an infinity kappa but car speakers usually are around 4 ohms while most home replacement speakers are 8.

Of course there's always those bose drivers that spec out at 1 ohm but it would take some experimentation.

Try running the part nunmber on the back of speaker through google.