Gun, firearm, weapon

Which is the best wording to use at the range or in conversation? Phone Post 3.0


Shooter, piece, heat, Phone Post 3.0


You got the gats on deck brah

Toolie Phone Post 3.0

Heston heater.

Ghetto population controller.

I prefer smoke wagon


Racket, biscuit, and burner are all perfectly acceptable. Phone Post 3.0

Ratchet* Phone Post 3.0

Trust -

At the range "gun" is perfectly acceptable.  "What kind of gun is that?"  "Do you like that gun?"  "Have you seen these guns?" (flexes biceps).  


I hate it when they ask to try out my cleaning rod in the rifle booth. Phone Post 3.0

Heaters, IMHO. Phone Post 3.0

Lead Dispenser

Brockback Mountain - You got the gats on deck brah
Lol Phone Post 3.0

Whistle or chrome are both technical terms, as well.

As a pig, I can confirm we usually use the terms "whistle" and "heater" most often in our reports.

Don't refer to it as a weapon.  That insinuates that it is used to hurt/kill people.  It is a gun or firearm.

excerpt from one of my police reports:

"...As I approached the male subject, I observed a distinct bulge on the right side of his waistband. Based on my training, education, and experience, I know that gang members frequently carry burners concealed on their person. I know that the waistband is a common area for persons to conceal their gats. I unholstered my chromed up quad-nickel and pointed the business end in his direction. I instructed the subject to put his hands up or I would spit white-hot lead at him."

It's pretty technical language we have to use.