Gun guys... 870 express jamming

There was going to be a question, but after a FRAT, it became a rant on jamming I guess… fuck it.

So before I knew anything about guns (I still know very little) my first gun I ever purchased was an 870. Over the years I have heard of them jamming and even my FFL dealer buddy gives me constant shit for owning it, but I have never had issues.

So this past weekend I got a new gun from him and since ammo is impossible to find, he took me to his private gun club to shoot it and was awesome enough to provide ammo.

I took my 870 as well, and for the first time in almost 20 years it jammed. Not once or twice but multiple times. He laughed at me when at one point, I could not even clear it.

He took it from me, slammed the butt down on a bench and got it to clear. That became the go to move… seriously, multiple fucking times. I was pissed and kind of embarrassed.

So I asked him what to do with it? He laughed again, said sell the fucking thing and get a mossberg. He said he had 3 870’s over the years and would never touch another.

Well as I said, this was my first gun. It sounds stupid, but I was thinking one day this could be given to one of my sons or even grand kids some day. Point is, I am not getting rid of it.

So does this become a wall hanger, or is there at least something I can do to keep it usable? Until this weekend, this was the go-to for my home defense, even had my wife learn to use it in case of shit, but fuck me, I’d be dead if that shit happened at the wrong time.


I've never had an issue with my 870 either. How was your upkeep of the gun? I would say take it to a reputable gun shop. If it has been feeding consistently for 20 years and just started jamming, it would be a more acute issue, not because the gun is overall shit.

We have multiples in our group of guys and I dont know of any issues. 

I broke the fuck out of a mossberg once though if that helps. Cheap ass handles.

Extractor.  Upgrade it.

I have two of those mofos - they’re easy to take apart.  Watch a youtube video on how to take it down and maintain it - something’s off.

No problems with any of mine.  Maybe you need a new extractor/spring.

Remington 870's are used worldwide. Most all police shotguns are 870's. It's what law enforcement uses in Alaska for bears.

I've had a 870 since I was a kid and it's never jammed on me.

What type of shells are you shooting?

Sounds like something is worn out. Maybe your extractor is out of spec and needs replacing. 

cosmicdickslinger -

What type of shells are you shooting?

13 Gauge

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870 Express is my first gun too man. As someone said, easy as fuck to take apart. I’ve done very little to maintain/abused mine and no issues. I’m sure your issue is fixable. Good luck. 

I have have my 870 for 20 years with no issue.  

Do you clean and oil it?  

Any FFL dealer that told me to sell my 870 for a fucking rattleberg I would find a new place to go.  

Sell the 870, buy a 500

cosmicdickslinger -

What type of shells are you shooting?

Pay attention to the shells you are using. My 870 doesn’t like Winchester shells and will jam sometimes if using them. But has never jammed with Federal or many other brands. 


My .270 jams regularly with Remington ballistic tips but cycles Core-Lokt or Hornady cartridges easily. 


The newer 870 express have problems extracting. If your is 20 plus years old, it’s probably of higher quality. something may have just worn out, not a faulty part/design. 

cosmicdickslinger - 

What type of shells are you shooting?

Shell type and size?

I know a few guys that if they use 2 3/4 instead of 3 they have issues with cycling and vise versa.

Mind you those are semi auto shotguns.

Could just be shitty cheap range ammo.

Never carry or use an untested weapon. Also, never carry or use a weapon that has repeatedly failed. Thank goodness you haven’t had to use it and had it fail you. Don’t give it to anyone as a functional weapon. Have a gunsmith fender it totally unusable and pass it on as a souvenier if anything. Otherwise, have your local gun shop dispose of it properly.

i've never had a problem with my 870. not once. even with slugs. generally use federal shells, but not exclusively.

i think people short-rack the 870 a lot and blame it for FTF's

Try using brass instead of steel casings. 

Never a had a problem with the one I've had for 20 years . I use Federal ammo mostly