Gun guys: Appendix or 3/9?

How do you carry and why?

3:00 here. SW Shield 9mm For me, it’s just a comfort thing. Actually I stopped wearing my Alien Gear Cloak and switched to some $20 kydex Chinese holster from Amazon, because when I’m riding my motorcycle, it’s easy to reach back and slide the holster into a new spot if it gets uncomfortable. With the Alien Gear, you need two hands to adjust which obviously isn’t practical on the bike.

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Back pocket.

And by that, I mean my anal cavity.



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Traditionally 3/9, but made the switch to appendix a few months ago.

Laziest criminal ever

3 o’clock for work. Kidney carry off-duty. Though, I will appendix carry when I decide to carry my revolver.


What made you change?

i kidney carry. i like 3’oclock its its easier to ccw on my kidney

appendix it too uncomfortable sitting/driving


I know how guns work but still dont like the idea of keeping one pointed at my dick


I’m with you. I’m also dealing with some 300th parallel stuff with appendix.

Appendix w 9mm shield.

Have a Glock 17/19 forget which. Fires so much better than shield. Too big to carry though. Maybe not on a hip, but I can’t do that here. No open carry in MA. I’m holstered appendix always.

I do not carry cocked. I know, I’m an idiot, etc. I lost a daughter to cancer. I have a 7 year old daughter also. Fucker runs up and hugs me all the time, has headbutted holstered gun a minion times. I just can’t do it. Can’t take that risk, would rather get lit up trying to cock when needed than to have accidental. It’s not at me, know I’m a puss. Always said I will cock it when she is a bit older.


Just finally taking the time to get used to it, really. It’s just faster to access and much easier to access when driving or otherwise seated. Just had to try out a new holster and get used to the feeling for a couple of weeks.

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Makes sense. I just recently ordered a tactical codpiece so that’s the basis for the question.

…or Fanny pack.

Yeah, yeah, I’m leaving.

I can respect that. I’m sorry to hear about your other daughter.

We call that the 6:00 carry.

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You carry your Glock uncocked? How do you manage that?

He probably actuates the slide, dry fires and then puts the mag in.