Gun violence costs the US 280 Billion a year

According to Joe the liar Biden man. It’s hospital costs, physical therapy, jail costs. What a crock of shit!!!

This motherfucker just lies.


But how much money does gun violence SAVE every year?

now he gives a shit about saving money
who give s a fuck? just print more money like every other time we have a problem that can be fixed with money

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He mispronounced “gangbangers and drug dealers.”

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$280 billion!?! Is that just for Chicago?

Guns in the hands of Democrat voters…yup


You can’t see that number being true? Gangs commit the grand majority of gun crime and they always get caught = court cost, hospital bill for the other gang member he shot that doesn’t have insurance etc

Billions no way I believe 280 billions

Whatever the figure, it has nothing to do with the vast majority of law abiding gun owners, and is mostly due to criminals doing criminal activities, like the incessant drive by shootings that happen all the time in certain areas.

Joe Bob Bumfuck in Middleville USA buying a pistol brace isn’t contributing to that number.

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Yes, but read the OP.
OP says Biden is lying about the costs. I don’t agree due to all the gang violence, court costs, jail, hospital bills etc.