I am a softcore gamer. I bought my PS2 just for
PrideFC, but hadn't played a video game by myself for
years, until I discovered the GTA franchise.

Other than GTA SA I haven't been excited about the
release of a game ever, until now!!!

This game looks to be everything I've wanted in a game
since I played Red Dead Revolver (which coincidentally
is the first video game I have ever completed, and
still the only one other than GTA SA).

This game looks SWEET, there are some trailers and
reviews at some of the gamer sites, check it out! GTA
SA is the best game I've ever played by far (which
isn't really saying much, LOL), but this game has the
potential to equal or surpass GTA SA in my opinion.

My only question about this game is whether to get it on Xbox or wait until I finally break down and get a 360.

I can't wait.

Gun today? I think so.

Is it made by the people who did Resident Evil? It kinda has that look to it.

Just saw a piece on this on G4, anyone got the game yet? I would be inclined to get it if it was pretty open-ended and had a good variety of shit to do...

Word on the street is that it's a good game, just a little shallow...

Game looks awesome!! Will probably buy the PC version in hopes of Mods and more updates.

The game got some pretty lackluster reviews. Anybody play it?

Per Gamespy:


Excellent storyline; brutal, exciting combat; horseback riding is a lot of fun; a nice wide variety of missions.


The combat can be a bit too easy at times; animations can be glitchy at times; the story is disappointingly short.

My review...

I have a few hours into this game now.

It seems like a slighty more adult version of Red Dead
Revolver. The game play is VERY similar to RDR (which
I loved by the way).

GTA Wild West it is NOT, free-roaming sandbox it is
NOT, what it is, is a fun game in a genre that is all
too often ignored.

I am being entertained and look forward to playing
more, but from my first few hours of gameplay, I can't
help to think what this game could have been. I'm
hoping that this game will evolve in later versions,
and live up to it's potential. Although the game
could be much better, it is a solid game that I look
forward to finishing (unlike The Warriors).

I will now be anxiously awaiting RDR 2, to find out if
that will be the game to take this genre to the next

I completed RDR2, not like it was this powerhouse of gameplay or anything, but I found it compelling enough to complete it within a week.

This should be fun, as long as your expectations aren't too high.

I ended up buying it for XBOX so my girlfriend would play as well (for some reason she won't play PC games).

We've had fun so far. I like to scalp townspeople and have shootouts.

In Dodge City I keep failing the Poker mission.

There isn't much to do in this game yet... hopefully there is more to do as I progress to the next city. Free-roaming this game is not, yet.

Still highly recommended though.

I finished it in two damn days. Good game but freakin game infomer and all the reviews I had read prob had me wishing for a game that was unmakeable.

I'm almost completely finished. I've done all of the
side missions except the last hunting side mission,
and I have probably 1 or 2 missions left on the game.

It was fun, Not very challenging, but fun!

I agree somewhat with King, I was expecting so much
more, due to some of the previews that I had read. I
don't agree that it's unmakeable though. GTA San
Andreas has proved otherwise. Hopefully Rockstar will
do something spectacular with the next installment of

I would compare this game to Merc's rather than any of
the GTA series.

it is fun

This is for sure the type of game that I would get for PC, it just doesn't have the legs for a console title. Looks fun, though.

MERCS was a good game, underrated.

Played the game for 6-7 hours today,

its like an upgraded Red Dead Revolver. The action
is easy, even on hard. The animation is killing my
Athlon3500/1gig/geforce6600gt on medium settings at
times. Good game if you liked RDR.


How in the hell do you beat Reed