Gunny Ermey in Iraq

There is no racial bigotry here. I do not look down on towelheads, n*ggers, wops or in Iraq you are all equally worthless.

He came to our compound (Al Hillah) when I was there with 1/4. The guy was awesome! Very funny, talked/joked for quite a while. Stayed and took pictures/signed autographs until everyone who wanted to made it through the line. He must have done the autograph thing for at least 5 hours.

Also, just before he started, one of the Marines did his best impression of the initial speech up until joker mouthed off. When the Marine started in with, "Who said that? Who's the slimy...", Ermey stepped up, "I did."

The kid about shit himself. Truly a great day.

Good story noshame. I've heard he's a good guy in real life. Nice to see that he still gung ho too.

Cool story!

Is it just me or does it seem like Gunny Ermey never ages?

Well he might never age but in Full Metal Jacket he looked like late 40s... and he still looks like late 40s... so was he born late 40s too?