Guns n Roses Concert This Morning

That's right, not last night (well for a minute maybe), but more like this morning. I drove back from Vegas and it was 6 hours to get to Universal. Anyway, the rest of the tour past tonight is canceled, so I figured it was a rare opportunity to see the show. It started at 8:00 with the Suicide Girls. It was pretty cool to have a live lesbain sex show of sorts right in from of you. No complaints here!

Anyway, then Helmet came on. Some of their songs really rock. Page Hamilton rips- he's looking kind old.

Sebastian Bach then came out. Metal Mike and Bobby Jarzombek are way too good to be playing Skid Row tunes, but seeing Bobby play was just amazing. He is the best metal drummer! I'll go back tonight to see him play again...

At almost midnight, G-n-R came on. They sounded really good. All three guitarists are really good, but it's all about Bumblefoot. Ron Thal rocks and it was cool seeing him play live. Their drummer- whoever he was- was really good (I thought Brain was still in the band, but I guess not?) Some of the old songs really rocked. I remember My Michelle having a great groove to it. I'm not sure about the new songs yet.
Just when 3 guitarists weren't enough, Izzy Stradlin comes out. He shouldn't have bothered, but whatever...

They played into the wee hours of the morning. People were passed out in the lobby and many were sleeping int their seats. I left after 2:00. Bumblefoot was shredding on the guitar, but I needed to get home and sleep. I'll probably go again tonight/ tomorrow morning (Last chance) and be WORTHLESS at work tomorrow just several hours later.

A long time ago, my buddy and I were walking out of the Racer X concert at the Country Club in Reseda (must have been '86). These bunch of junkie looking freaks handed us a flyer. We took one look, crumbled it up and threw it at them. It was Guns -n- Roses. We still laugh about that to this day.

well glad to see they finally played somewhere as the show I had tickets for (portland Maine) they cancelled because they couldn't drink onstage.

Did Bumblefoot come in as the replacement for Buckethead? That's a sensible choice. I haven't been following -- was there somebody else in between?

I went again to the show tonight/ this morning. At the last mingute this afternoon,I got front row orchestra seat in front of the Suicide Girls, Metal Mike/ Bobby Jarzombek and Bumblefoot. Best $90 I spent all day!! I think I'm deaf. My ears are ringing above the typing and I need to be to work in 5 hours (And I am buzzed to boot!)

I actually learned on a while back(on the UG) that Ron Thal was hired as Buckethead's replacement. All the TUF Noobs dismissed him for looking like a homeless guy. The actual homeless looking guy is Robin Finke- he looks like an Amish Chris Robinson (anyone that was there will understand). Anyway, the band was incredible.

Bumblefoot did "The Grinch" song tonight. That was worth it alone. Tonight at dinner, I was telling my friends that a lot of his playing goes over the average listener's head. It did again tonight. BTW, his album Hermit is a masterpiece.

Many people were yawning or downright sleeping at 2:15AM. I left during Paradise Ciy (it sounded good, but I had to go... I spent like 15 hours at tis place over the last 2 days. Last night;s show was better, but I'm glad I went. A late show on a weeknight..... I will be WORTHLESS later this morning. YIKES......

I think you chose to leave during the perfect "gotta get out of here" song. "Paradise City" is pretty lame!

"I think you chose to leave during the perfect "gotta get out of here" song. "Paradise City" is pretty lame!"

Suicide yourself immediatly.

Nope. Big dumb anthem. Sucks. Unless you're like, 13 or something -- chronologically or otherwise. In which case, quiet down for a few years.