Gurgel vs. Abadi

(SPOILER) Don't read any further if you don't want to know who won this fight.

How the hell did Abadi take him to a split decision? Was he vastly improved? I didn't see the fight.

I heard Gurgel has some injuries too, but then again, doesn't just about everyone?

Get on ufc and download the fight, Jorge did outstrike him for the most part. He had Danny backing away for most of the fight. He damn near landed a flying armbar in the 1st, Jorge won unanimously.

"Cause it's really fucking lame hearing about how bad his _______ is every fight and he would've destroyed so-and-so if it wasn't for his _______."

... so many possible jokes, so little time.

I thought Abaddi looked better than expected too. But he clearly lost every round.

I do agree about the injury complaints though.

He pushes it to the max every single training session. I'm surprised he's not injured more. It's all he can do to take time off to heal. The guy is obsessed with training and winning. I've told him many times that he should be taking it easy. He won't have it.

He still fights injured or not. He won, and I'm sure he wasn't the one saying he was injured.

Is he supposed to lie when asked if he's injured?

What's it matter if he still fights, and wins?