Gus is a tougher matchup than Cormier

Anyone thinking otherwise should put down the pipe. Gus already whopped that ass and jones had nothing he looked absolutely defeated in there until the 5th then his cardio and heart stole the round. How he was gifted two other rounds I don't know that elbow shouldn't have won the 4th round because he was punched the other 3/4 of it.

I can't even take people seriously who honestly think jones clearly won. He was beat up the entire fight and other than a solid Elbow and maybe one unblocked kick did almost nothing significant. Look at his face or just watch Gus pepper him about 5 to 1 the whole fight.

Jones is running from this fight and for good reason. He won't be gifted another decision. The Viking is coming with a vengeance. Phone Post 3.0

agree with your whole post. Still done see how that makes him a tougher matchup than Cormier


What will you say when DC beats Jones? Phone Post 3.0

Gustafsson might be coming for Jones, but he might have to jump him at a parking lot or something. Jones refuses to fight him at all cost it seems. I guess Gus will have to go the Chael Sonnen route sadly, and start talking shit untill Jones have to face him.