Gustav Zander

Any of you guys know anything about him? I don't, but am curious?

Zander created a line of exercise equipment 150 years ago that was extremely well conceived and executed for the time.

Long before anyone else he seemed to put a great deal of thought in to the creation of these unique pieces. Taking into account physics, bio-mechanics etc he built machines which addressed the needs of working the muscles directly.

I know that Arthur Jones (inventor of Nautilus) felt that Zander was a genius.


Go here for some more good info.


Cool stuff. When I first started viewing that website, I thought that it was in the wrong forum, till I realized it was exercise equipment.

I saw a viking press and glute-ham raise bench.

There is some cool stuff on there and I'd love to have one those back massagers.

I'm amazed that Arthur Jones actually considers someone other than himself a genius.

as for exercise machines, with a few exceptions that are used for rehab, melt them all down and use the metal for barbells, dumbells and such...


I would actually agree with you that most mainstream exercise machines are junk.

Contrary to popular belief, Arthur Jones is not anti barbell. In fact he has written extensively about how great he feels free weights are.

He did not create Nautilus as a money making project. He was an inventor and adventurer who enjoyed lifting weights. He was trying to solve some problems he felt existed with barbells and built his early proto-types for his own use.

Other people saw them and started asking him to build them for themselves. It was only then that he decided (reluctantly) to get into the business side of things.