Gut loss/dieting/weight loss query

There's an old problem looming its ugly head.

Let's say you have a tire of "gut" wrapping around your midsection.

And you want to cut about 10lbs. of it.

You train 3 times a week.

What can you do to lose it and how long will it take?

Eating late and eating heavy is a real issue, which is what has caused the resurgence of the Fedor Belly.

Tips? Pointers? Plans? Rules?

Eating late isn't such a big deal (a lot of experts actually recommend some late-night protein these days)...just eat smaller meals, more often.

Figure up your BMR as a benchmark of what you should be eating, count your calories, and keep working out. Avoid processed foods and eat LOTS of veggies. Losing 10 pounds is easy. I've lost almost 60 in the last seven months, and 14 of those were in the first month.

I am going through the same thing. I don't really have a spare tire...but definitely an inner tube. I am trying to cut about 10lbs.

I dont have the discipline nor the interest in sticking to some of the diets that I hear people follow. Hard boiled eggs, protien shakes, tuna out of the can won't cut it for me. I know that means that I won't get the results they get, but it is a quality of life issue..hehe. Right now I am just working on portion control, drinking more water with each meal and eliminating lots of sugar from coffee, snacks, and pointless drinks that are loaded with refined sugars. That coupled with my running(just started 2 mi. 3x each week) should get me there...i hope!!

Good Luck

Great advice. Thanks guys.

A lot of people fail to lose easy pounds because they try TOO hard and create some complex (i.e. "unpleasant and impossible to stick to") diet for themselves. Keep it light, keep it simple, and exercise...repeat if neccessary. WowUTapFast (great screen-name, BTW), you should do fine.


Just eat a lot of protein, and eliminate all processed shit. Workout and do cardio 4 or 5 times per week. It really isn't that difficult and you don't have to kill yourself... you can still enjoy whatever you want every once in a while. Dedication is key.

ttt for all the nice responses. all i can say is...protein..glutamine for faster recovery..and running!

when i broke my arm (a few years ago before i started bjj) i gained about 10 - 15 lbs of cookies and ice cream. i started jogging 1 mile for a warmup then doing sprint/jog intervals a couple times a week and it worked great, especially since i can't stand running and suck at it. from what i have read and also in my experience, hiit-high intensity interval training-is great for weight loss. if you have knee issues you can probably use a bike or elliptical or something instead of running. not sure if it is better or worse for cardio than the alternatives. can't help you with the diet thing.

try and avoid alcohol and massive cheat days or meals... I made the mistake of thinking I could get away with one free day of eating (f'ing body for life) and it basically stunted all progress... good luck...

Join Jenny Craig.

eat a lot of grilled salmon and tilapia

^^nervously looks over shoulder for ken shamrock^^

Tilapia is bland as heck, though...lucky, most herbs and seasonings add no calories to food. :)

Some basic tips...

No to low carbs in the evening.  Protien late is acceptable.

Eat more smaller meals.  Increases metabolism which is good. (7-8 meals a day).

Do cardio ATLEAST 3 times a week.  Min 30mins and get you heart rate up to 80% of your max. Running is best.  But skipping, swimming, riding are also good alternatives.

You can't spot reduce.  But strengthing up your midsection does help.  Eg crunches for toning, but won't get rid of the bulge.  Cardio does that.

Avoid being lazy.  Don't get the closest car park.  Park further away and walk more.  Get off the bus/train one stop early and walk the extra distance.  Use the stairs instead of the lifts if possible.  The key is to get your metabolism working whenever you can. 

Good luck.



avoid sugar...soda, candy, ....this tends to put weight on you. Especially in that mid section.



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Detoxify. Especially your liver.

1) consume less calories than you burn. you don't have to have a bodybuilders diet, just eat smart.

2) exercise.

One of the main things is don't get discouraged if the weight doesn't just fly off. sifu michael is absolutley correct in saying that you just need to give your metabolism a kick in the ass. Do not skip breakfast, try to avoid eating at restaurants, and snack (healthy) in between meals, also as previously stated try to eat at least six times a day.

Healthy Snacks: Almonds, walnuts, carrots, grapes, cottage cheese (if you can't stand it plain, mix in a little low/non-fat yogurt) whatever really, you have an awareness of what is and is not healthy if you have enough conscious to watch your weight.

Things that have really worked well for me is using an elliptical, due to knee problems, with the setting of sprint/resistance programs on the machine. Also if you can, or have the time, hit the weights, you'll be more likely to take the weight off and KEEP it off if you just make small/manageable changes to your lifestyle and diet. Best of Luck.