Guy calls cops on ATF agent asking to see his guns

OP got fooled by the vid. It happens.

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Agreed! It’s easy to do, IMO.

Yeah this is the real problem. No DA or Prosecutor wants to prosecute straw purchase cases. Theyre hard to prove.

I would report at least 3-4 people a month to FDLE for attempted straw purchases. If someone came in with a friend, we would watch them closely. If we had any suspicions we would tell them they both have to do a background check. This weeded a lot of people out. Also chicks buying guns with guys with them.

We also had signs that said no felons allowed in the store, and i’d make it really really clear by saying “If you buy this gun for your boyfriend, you are committing a felony and can do serious time”.

As soon as i’d see a second of hesitation, id cancel the sale.

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Sad thing the pigs dont shoot the alphabet boy to death.


Thanks lad, you made my day with that.
I wish the cops had beat his fucking face in for him complaining.
Hating these alphabet fags so much its unreal.


That was awesome, he went from basically “fuck you, I’m a fed” to “please don’t I have a medical condition” and the good old “I have a daughter.”

Fuck that fed

I’ve seen a shortened version of that clip before. I had never seen that full clip. That was amazing. I wish he had reached for ID.

The fed was as annoying and whined more than George Floyd. If you shut the fuck up and stop talking you’ll be able to breathe just fine. Where was Derek chauvin when you needed him?


This video made me rock hard. I’m throbbing.

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Pigs can dish it out but not take it LOL! I used to go to a cop bar and Id just grab the beer they ordered and down it in front of them. They had no idea what to do.

Would punk them left and right. I was like the terror of that place LOL!

season 3 what GIF by Animal Kingdom on TNT


This reaction video is great. Probably would have been alright if he had just gotten on the ground but not does a cop get mad when you don’t respect his authoriteh

That’s why ATF agents shouldn’t work alone. They should also wear ATF uniform and a badge.

They shouldn’t be working at all. A republican president should send them to the unemployment line


Then how else will they keep track of straw purchases?

The livestock store? Why the fuck do we need a government agency to see how much straw people are buying? Is there some way to use government farm subsidies and lie about how much straw you bought, wtf?


Did the ATF guy lose his job? He should.


I’m hoping somebody gets in office that gets rid of at least a quarter of the government. Start with Biden’s 87,000 new IRS agents first.


They started under a republican administration. Historically, a Republican president would only strengthen them further

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I thought straws were illegal