Guy Calls for John McCain to2b Arrested 4Treason

Well Said!

guy was an imbecile. Why cannot people say I disagree with your policy because... Why do they have to go with such hyperbolic nonsense like this?

I guess it gets them attention for youtube clips to get watched.

He can't dignify it with a response cause dude is right.


Dude doesn't have a clue. People in the US live in a constitutional republic. He insinuates that we(people in the US) live in a democracy where the will of the people determines what actions representatives must act upon for each and every policy. That isn't how it works. Representatives are elected and the representatives determine what is the best course of action for their constituents and the nation as a whole.

And the whole bs about the US responsible for the chemical attacks in Syria is not worthy of a response.

He does not speak for me.

Dude can run for office.

And I should note that I don't support McCain's position on support for Syrian rebels.

In Phone Post 3.0

McCain never met a war he didn't like. I am just glad he never got elected because God knows we would be fighting China and Russia at this point. Phone Post

I don't like the way the guy reads a long dissertation when a simple, "you sir are a lying, demented, low life sumbag piece of crap who should never be allowed contact with decent, normal human beings ever again.

McCain = McCunt.

McCain must hate these town hall meetings because he gets blasted, rightly or wrongly, in every single one because of his ridiculous pro-war philosophy.