Guy Fieri

Besides being a douchebag why is his name pronounced FEE-YEH-DEE ? I read that he was born with the surname Ferry but changed it to pay homage to his grandfather or something like that. 

So shouldn't FERRY become FEE-AIR-REE?

Why is he a d-bag? Seems like a fun dude. 

TFK_HossPearson -

Why is he a d-bag? Seems like a fun dude. 

Hey Guy

He's the Mayor of Flavortown, he can pronounce his name however he wants

He's definitely an OGer.

envy sucks

Some comedian did a hilarious bit on how everyone hates this guy, and how he's actually a great guy. Wish I could remember who it was. Heard it on Sirius.

He Is a Big Galute

karasu -

envy sucks

Guy would probably envy me. I'm with my family everyday

His resturant In the Foxwoods casino in CT sucked..

Anything I have ever read or heard about him points to douche.  It's how he treats people off camera.

He owns a percentage of the ufc! 


I'm guessing he's a huge smashmouth fan

darkness66 - 

I'm guessing he's a huge smashmouth fan

Hahahaha perfect

He might save puppies for all I know but I can't get past that fucking hair style

So of the places he goes too just out right suck.

I remember one Where he went to this dinner owned by this Marine. Guy was was doing a workout in the kitchen in a tank top.

That is one of the last thing I want my cook doing. Working up a sweat in a tank top and cooking my food. His body hair and sweat is getting everywhere. Not to mention it's not safe.

Maybe it because I worked in a lot of kitchens but it pissed me off. More power to the owner and cook everywhere else but I don't want my cook doing that.

His show sucks. I don't watch it but one of the places that he spotlighted in Phoenix is the worse Mexican food of all time. You could probably get better Mexican food from China made out of cardboard than you can at this place. The carne asada burritos have more lettuce in them than most salads do and the horchata is a powder packet mix.