Guy fights ref after win (video)

WTF was that all about LOL

The ref was right. Baldy should have let go of the hold, fight was over.

He just tapped his neck a little harder to get him off. Baldy is a poor sport.

What a dick

who slapps a guy in the back of the head as a ref? wtf was that all about.

Well the title calls it a "Brazilian Pride fight".  I guess I missed that Pride.  Damn!

I thought the ref was being disrespectful, and deserved to be pounded.

Why did Nick Thompson just hit that referee? :)

ref deserved a slap

the ref's slap looked so girly



ref had it coming IMO, what the hell was the slap all about

The fact that people are defending a fighter who attacks the referee is hilarious. I don't care if he tapped him a little hard, act like a friggin' adult.

WTF....guy VS girl with a Stick! crazy...

OHHHH... ok i thought you were talkin bout this

Thats for all the 'warriors' who think its cool to hang onto a submission after the ref calls it!


The ref should not have hit him in the head. At the same time the athletic commission should take your license for that kind of activity. If the fight is unsanctioned then anything goes.

i don't care if the ref smacked the guy for not letting go of a submission. he's in there to call the fight. break when the ref says break and you won't get smacked. the fighter attacking the ref is ridiculous.

"I don't care if he tapped him a little hard, act like a friggin' adult."

Tell that to the POS ref!