Guy gets attacked by Mother in Law during Live Stream

Dude makes the Diaz brothers sound like Shakespeare


I don’t know who I hate more, redbar or this illiterate retard. I haven’t watched either one for more than 10 seconds so I can’t tell.


This guy makes Redbar look like a rouge scholar

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So that dude lives in his mother in law’s house…and has a “studio” in a closet?

And his wife fucked his mother’s boyfriend when she was 18?

I’m done with the internet for today…

excited eric cartman GIF by South Park

So the loser sits home all day streaming while living at his mother in law’s place. He then bitches about what he has to deal with. The mother in law has to deal with her daughters loser slug racist husband all day in her house.

Sounds about right

Looks like the Special Olympics, with no offense meant to all the actual retards who are smarter than these people.