Guy gets KO'd-keeps punching (vid) (bluenamer please)

Yikes...did the ref really need to keep counting?

ttt 4 l8r

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That's the Kobe Bryant bitch slap. Totally unintentional.


he was still fighting why did they stop it?

Early stoppage, IMO.

That reminds me of Tank and Matua.

That called brain damage.


the ref was counting? WTF?

im sorry but that made me laugh for a good 10 minutes. jordan jumping over tank is the only thing that made me laugh more

I guess what you do when out depends on what you were doing when it occurred.

In college, A group of use were playing around with hyperventilating and the ensuing pass-out that results.

When I was out, they told me I was playing air guitar.

Somewhere Nate Quarry is feeling that guys pain


Leave it to cretard to shit on a perfectly good thread.

I've never seen that. Thats funny as hell, in his world he musta been killin someone with that Left hook.

I saw that fight back in the 90's. That was former champ Simon Brown on the canvas. I think the other guy was Vincent Pettway.

I watched that fight when it happened, classic ending, iwas like wtf he's still punching lol.