Guy gives a Nick Diaz shoutout after car accident

JJ Allin of the stunt group P.O.R gets into an auto / car accident that involves him flipping 60 feet down the side of a mountain, he grabs his camera, & uses the external light on it as a guide, he freaks out as he realizes blood is coming from his face, & finds relief / humor in the Nick Diaz 'Don't Be Scared Homie' shirt he is wearing. This leads him to scream the infamous Nick Diaz quote out loud, as he realizes things could have just been way worse, & he is happy to be alive. He suffered 36 stitches to the head & a broken foot, but no serious injuries. The cut / stitches was a result of him smashing his head through the back driver side window, as they were rolling. Result of the accident was caused by black ice on the mountain highway road. This video / accident happened in January 2012.

Holy shit!! I spit out my Cheerios that was so funny. Phone Post 3.0

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LOL. I noticed as hes saying "Dont be Scared Homie!" he actually pans down to his Tshirt.

Thats because he's wearing a Nick Diaz tshirt that says "Dont be scared homie!". Too good.

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