Guy just got busted in parking lot at work

cranking down. 


If you have seen my other thread, you know there has been a rash of sex toys left in our parking lot at work so we are always watching the lot.

I work in a 10 story bulding with shit tons of traffic all day long. About five months ago we began seeing a car acting suspiciously. Dude would park way out in the lot, sit and smoke and just hang in his car. Sometimes he would get out, walk to the trees and drop something off. Then he would drive very slowly to another corner of our lot which my window happens to look out on. He would sit there for hours and throw cigarette butts out the window the whole time. 

Last week, he gets out and pisses in front of his car. So this morning he pulls in across several spots, opens his door and stands there pissing. It's 10am and there is a lot of movement in the lot. He leaves and shows back up 30 mins later. We say fuck it and call my buddy who is a cop in this area and he sends someone over. The officer walks up and the dude is beating his meat in his car in our lot.

Apprently the guy is a known offender and has been busted doing this before. They couldn't write him up for anything other than literring because the office made contact and nobody else caught him. He does not work in our building either.

FRAT; guy got busted jerking off in parking lot at work.

Fuck you I already said I was scratching my fucking leg you meano, you think this is funny to tell all of my efriends about it!?!

If ever a thread needed pics .... Phone Post 3.0

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i cant believe nobody has asked "whats his screenname on the og?"

Interesting ending.  I thought for sure you were going to say he was busted for sniffing crack or shooting dope or something.  Jerking off.  I'll  be damned.

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I mean, but, like, whats the problem?

Waiting for the spin.... Phone Post 3.0

What time was the officer with him? We need a mod to let us know which regular forum members were not posting during that time. We can begin our investigation from there

No pics of the gold, but here is a pic of him just pissing away in the lot.



I was going to make a thread called Guy busted in parking lot at work, then I realized I couldnt spin it, someone was actually busting nuts at your work.